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Beauty by Ruth Creates Perfect Powder Brows

As well our semi-permanent eyebrow microblading Liverpool treatment, we are now able to tattoo individual hair strokes and add a soft ombre wash effect on top. This gives a look of natural eyebrows along with a soft powder backdrop. 

Creating The Perfect Powder Brows

Perfect Powder BrowsThe perfect powder brows fill technique involves applying thousands of little dots of pigment below the surface of the skin (the epidermis). These gradually build up a base colour and give definition to the eyebrow area. The pigment will last even longer when applied like this, compared to the microblading technique alone, as the pigment goes deeper. Do not be concerned that it may look unnatural due to the solid colour – it does give a bolder look than microblading, but can be made to look extremely natural by a skilled technician. 

Because powder fill brows often have more bold definition than the hair stroke method, powder fill or block tattoos have been avoided by some in the past. At one time the pigments were not really suitable for cosmetic use and would eventually fade to blue or green. This is not the case anymore: Cosmetic pigments have come on a long way, and those that we use are all very natural looking. Combined with microblading you really do get the best of both worlds.

Perfect Powder Brows From Beauty by Ruth

Powder eyebrows are a level above standard eyebrow microblading alone – this because the action of ‘stroking’ the needle through the skin to create hair-like mark does not implant the pigment as deeply as a powder fill. This means fades more quickly and must be retouched more often – especially if you choose a lighter colour. If a long lasting look is important to you, then powder filling is an ideal solution. Powder fill also works better for those who with more mature skin. 

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