Powder Brows Liverpool

The powder brows fill, eyebrow microblading technique involves applying thousands of tiny dots of pigment, which are inserted below the surface of the skin. These dots gradually build up a base of colour and give a defined look to the eyebrow shape. The pigment lasts longer when applied in this way, when compared to the standard microblading Liverpool technique, as pigment goes deeper into the skin. There is no need to be concerned that such a method might look unnatural due to the solid block of colour used as powder brows does give a more defined look than microblading whilst being made to look very natural. Our professionally trained powder brows microblading technician can give a defined yet soft look you have always desired.

Hair Stroke Over Powder Brows

Powder BrowsBecause powder fill brows can have a more defined look than hair strokes, the powder fill or block tattoo method of cosmetic tattoo has been avoided by some. In those days the pigments were not really suitable for cosmetic tattoos and would fade to blue or green. This is no longer the case: Cosmetic tattoo pigments have come a long way and pigments designed for brows are all natural looking. It is possible to have microblading done on top of a powder eyebrow to get the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Powder Eyebrows

Powder brows sometimes referred to as Ombre eyebrows are a step above the standard microblading eyebrows Liverpool technique. The main reason for this is due to the action of ‘stroking’ the needle through the skin to create a mark that resembles a hair in microblading does not implant the pigment as deeply as the powder fill method. This means it has to be retouched more often and it fades more quickly – especially with lighter colours.  Powder eyebrows fill works better for more mature people, especially when microblading hair strokes are added on top of a powder foundation. If longevity is important to you when having a cosmetic tattoo then powder filling is an ideal upgrade.

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