Brazilian Waxing Liverpool

The term Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing are often mistakenly mixed, and clients that ask for one actually want the other. Beauty by Ruth Liverpool, always check with our clients to ensure that we fully understand what the client is expecting. 

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing will leave a small strip (landing strip) or triangle of hair unlike the Hollywood waxing which removes all the hair.

Beauty by Ruth finds that there is usually a natural progression from regular bikini waxing to Brazilian waxing and on through to Hollywood waxing Liverpool which is the ultimate in smooth and flawless skin. Trying to jump straight into having Hollywood waxing is something any professional beauty therapist would not recommend. The removal of hair by the roots during the waxing treatments does actually get easier over time so building up over a period of time is often easier and more comfortable.

If you have regular Beauty by Ruth bikini waxing, you will know exactly what to expect with the Brazilian waxing as it is just a little more of the same that will leave you with a little less hair. However, if you a certain that you want to go straight for the Beauty by Ruth Brazilian waxing there are a few things to know beforehand.

  • Personal Hygiene – this is very important and much appreciated
  • Hair length – don’t think you have to trim anything before you arrive, using Lyon wax we can extract hair as short as 1mm so length is not a problem. If required the beautician will trim to the required length.

Book Your Brazilian Waxing Treatment Online or By Phone

Your Brazilian waxing treatment at Beauty by Ruth will be conducted in a totally private area, if you are able to remain relaxed throughout the process, studies have shown that hair removal is easier. Should you have any concerns either on the day or prior, one of the fully trained Liverpool Beauty Salon beauticians here at Beauty by Ruth will be happy to chat with you.

To arrange your Brazilian Waxing Liverpool appointment simply call 0151 909 6116 or complete the online booking form.

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