Cryopen Cryotherapy

An innovative cryotherapy tool, the Cryopen is an advanced safe way of removing many different types of imperfections on the skin without needing dangerous equipment that you would have needed in the past to perform cryogenic procedures.

Pain Free Cryopen Cryotherapy

Beauty by Ruth, Liverpool Beauty Salon can remove those uncomfortable and unsightly skin tags, warts and age spots quickly and efficiently. With Cryopen Cryotherapy Liverpool you get a fine jet of nitrous oxide fired at high pressure which allows precise work to be carried out.

Our fully trained operator will hold the end of the Cryopen as close to the imperfect area of your skin as possible and press the trigger to allow the nitrous oxide to do its work. Within just a few seconds the area is frozen rupturing the internal cell structure. This is so accurate that no other area is affected. The area will thaw almost as quickly as it froze and the action will be repeated. This is normally enough to sort out these minor issues with your skin.

If you suffer from skin tags in a number of areas around your body they can all be treated during the same session which is obviously a great time saver. The freezing will give you a sensation like nettle stings but will only last a short time.

Beauty by Ruth Cryopen Cryotherapy Treatment

This advancement in technology means that procedures that were once deemed clinical, and therefore had to be performed by a medical person, can be dealt with here at Beauty by Ruth Liverpool. Once you have had your Cryopen Cryotherapy there is no need to return for any aftercare, as the system is so safe and gentle.

With just one of our skin treatments Liverpool you will see the age spots fade and providing the course of treatment is followed you will have flawless skin in no time. To talk to us here at Beauty by Ruth, Liverpool Beauty Salon or simply to make an appointment call 0151 909 6116 today.

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