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Shellac Nails vs Gel Nails

Shellac Nails vs Gel NailsShellac Nails vs Gel Nails; Gel manicures and Shellac manicures are often used to describe the same thing: a long-lasting nail polish cured under UV lamps. Gel polish is a general term for a hard-wearing nail polish that is cured under a lamp.

Shellac Nails vs Gel Nails – Appearance & Cost

After a gel manicure or Shellac application, your nails will look natural and glossy. They will maintain a freshly-manicured look for up to a fortnight, depending on how much wear and tear they are subjected to. Nails Liverpool with Gel or Shellac added are not as flexible as real nails, but they tend to be a lot more flexible than acrylic nails.

Shellac Nails vs Gel Nails – Application

Your nail technicians will start with a manicure. They roughen nail bed using a file. Then they dehydrate and clean the nail bed using alcohol before applying a base coat. All polish coats are cured under a UV lamp for about 30 seconds. After the base coat two coats of colour then a top coat are added, each also cured under UV lighting.

The application process for Shellac Nails Liverpool is similar to gel. However, a key difference is the nail tech will not roughen the nail – just dehydrate and clean the nail bed. Another difference is that Shellac requires curing under a UV light for a whole minute.

Shellac Nails vs Gel Nails – Removal

For gel polish, your nail technician will first remove the shine from the nail using a file. They then soak your nails in acetone for between five and 10 minutes. Then they scrape the polish away with a special cuticle pusher.

Removing Shellac is a similar process, but the shine of the polish is not removed first. Nails are soaked for approximately eight minutes.

Shellac Nails vs Gel Nails – Considerations

After application, customers do not have to wait for the nails to dry: they are ready after the curing process. Both gel nails and Shellac can result in dry cuticles due to the dehydration process. Neither is appropriate for those with weak or damaged nails.

For the life of the manicure, nails will typically remain free from chips for up to 14 days with either gel polish or Shellac. Both treatments make your nails feel stronger. With both techniques as the nail grows out, a band starts showing between the colour and the cuticle.

After removal, your cuticles will be dry from the use of acetone. However, nails typically feel less weak and thin after the removal of Shellac compared to gel nails Liverpool polish.

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