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Mothers Day Microblading Offer

Mothers Day Microblading OfferLet your mother know that you love her this Mother’s Day. We are offering Liverpool mums a Mothers Day Microblading Eyebrows Treatment at the bargain price of only £199 – that is a saving of £26 on the regular price!

Mothers Day Microblading Eyebrows Offer

The microblading eyebrows treatment we offer here at Beauty by Ruth is done by implanting dozens of tiny dots of pigment under the skin using a custom mini blade which gives thin and natural looking hair strokes and the most realistic finish. Together with you, we design a brow that is perfect for you – with the colour mixed up and matched from the highest quality pigments on the market.

Microblading originally is from Asia and is also known as eyebrow embroidery. It is a great treatment for anyone who wishes to enhance or improve the appearance of their eyebrows. With our eyebrow microblading treatment, we can create any kind of look, ranging from a light and natural finish to a beautiful bold brow. With our Microblading Eyebrows Liverpool Treatment sparse or missing eyebrows can be totally restored in a natural looking way. Using the microblade, the colour is deposited close to the surface compared to a tattoo machine which leaves you with very delicate and crisp hair strokes and no spilling of the pigment under your skin.

Before you have your semi-permanent cosmetic makeup treatment, you will need to plan the look that you wish to achieve. As are experts in the field of colour analysis and makeovers, Beauty by Ruth’s technicians can ensure the right colours and styles are selected to suit you. However, at Beauty by Ruth Beauty Salons Liverpool, we really want to be sure that you know you are completely in control of the decision-making process, so we always seek your input before choosing a shade.

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For more information on this Mothers Day Microblading Liverpool offer, call Beauty by Ruth Liverpool Beauty Salon on 0151 909 6116.

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