Cryotherapy Liverpool

Cryotherapy Liverpool is the art of using cold to freeze cells and prevent reproduction. A process that has been used since the early seventeenth century, Beauty by Ruth Liverpool Beauty Salon offers Cryotherapy, but not quite for that long.

Painless Cryotherapy Liverpool

The treatments are painless, swift and totally safe. Liquid nitrogen is fired directly at an area of skin where there is a problem such Skin tags, Warts, Moles or Ageing spots. The bursts of cold only last a few seconds and are applied via a pen-like implement called a Cryopen. The cells rapidly freeze and die off so they can no longer reproduce. The area defrosts almost as quickly as it was frozen, so there are no adverse effects from the treatments. The procedure may be repeated but is often successful on the first application, especially for problems like skin tags.

Beauty by Ruth’s, Liverpool Beauty Salon Cryotherapy technicians are fully trained in using the Cryopen and will remove your Ageing spots, Skin tags, Moles etc. with ease. They are happy to discuss the process with you if you are unsure of anything. In the past, these procedures were only performed by doctors using bulky and quite dangerous equipment. The advances and technological breakthroughs that have been made means that Beauty by Ruth Liverpool Beauty Salon Technicians can do the same thing using only the Cryopen.

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We have long been used to the idea of a cold compress to relieve swollen and tired muscles, Beauty by Ruth Cryotherapy is just a more advanced and more localised form of the same process. The benefits of Cryotherapy are astonishing and clinically proven.

Contacting Beauty by Ruth on 0151 909 6116 to arrange a Cryotherapy session is easy, you can get rid of skin tags and ageing spots in just one session, so what are you waiting for. Give us a call now to ask any questions you may have about our skin treatments Liverpool packages including our skin peel Liverpool treatment.

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