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Why Britains Strongest Man Loves Having Facials!

Britains Strongest Man Loves Having FacialsYou would be amazed to learn how many men are beginning to enjoy beauty treatments as a way to feel refreshed and look their best, and it is catching on in the most unlikely quarters – for example Britain’s strongest man: Laurence ‘Big Loz’ Shahlaei. When he’s not lifting cars or pulling planes he enjoys nothing more than sitting back and enjoying a treatment session.

The 33-year-old athlete recently gave an interview in which he sang the praises of facials and manicures – thanks to the skills he learned from his mum. He regularly attends spa weekends with his fiancée, and he proves that there is nothing more macho than a well-turned-out man. “We love going to the spa together!’ he said. ‘I like a facial, or a massage. Sports massages are horrible — so painful. And I hate cold baths. But spa massages are lovely and restful with all that lovely music. I might be strong, but there’s more to life than just lifting weights. I like to look after myself.’

Britains Strongest Man Loves Having Facials

Big Loz is not what many people would think of as a typical beauty salon customer, and his passion just goes to show how many men are now realising that they too can enjoy beauty treatments. The 6’2” strong man eats seven meals a day to maintain his peak physique – each one perfectly balanced to ensure he takes in 7,000 calories per day – and he takes immense pride in keeping himself looking his best and that’s why Britains strongest man loves having facials!

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