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What Is Microshading?

What Is Microshading

You will have heard of microblading by now – it’s a game-changing semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that has turned the once-fashionable sparse 90s brows into the bold, thick arches that do not need topping up with an eyebrow pencil. That developed into micro feathering – which is a similar technique but with a more natural, ‘feathered’ finish that almost perfectly mimics homegrown brows. The latest trend in beauty is microshading, but what is microshading?

What Is Microshading?

Whereas microblading mimics the look of individual hairs, so the beautician can fill in any gaps in your natural eyebrows, microshading creates an almost airbrushed finish. It is best-suited to those who have oily or sensitive brows. In microshading, the beauty therapist applies tiny dots of pigment in hair-like strokes to create a soft, graduated colour. It almost looks as if the brows have been filled in with a fine powder, which is why the technique is sometimes referred to as ‘powder brows’.

The Benefits of Microshading

Eyebrows that have been treated with microshading will last at least as long as microblading Liverpool, with the finished look lasting for around 18 months. It looks really neat with its signature faded in front. It can be used to make sparse, thinning brows look fuller and thicker without the use of pencils or powders and, of course, you won’t have to fill in your eyebrows every day.

The Drawbacks of Microshading

Neat, blocky, eyebrows can be overstated for some faces, and it is not the cheapest of microblading eyebrows Liverpool treatments. A session will cost you around £200, and you usually need two: an initial treatment followed by a top-up six weeks later.

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