Swedish Massage Liverpool

A Swedish massage Liverpool is another name for a traditional massage. It is performed by using special massage oil on the skin, and then using the hands to soothe and relax the muscles. As well as relaxing the body and mind, a Swedish massage can help the body in a number of other ways: 

A Swedish Massage Liverpool can:

  • Assist with the circulation of the blood
  • Help to oxygenate your blood stream more efficiently
  • Help the body to naturally flush out toxins
  • Make your muscles more flexible
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Help with the management of pain.

What Takes Place In A Swedish Massage

You will usually lie face down on a special massage table, with your face held still in a cradle. This helps to keep your back straight and make sure that your muscles are in the proper position for the treatment. The massage Liverpool therapist will uncover the part of your body she will be working on, which will have been discussed with you beforehand – for example, your back. Therapists may work in a different order, but generally, she will work on your back, the backs of your legs and arms, and then ask you to turn over to complete your treatment by massaging the fronts of your legs, your arms and then your neck and shoulders before finishing with your feet. A whole host of different techniques can be used to release knots in your muscles, from using long strokes to tapping, shaking and encouraging you to gradually stretch out your extremities.

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It is possible to arrange an appointment at your local Liverpool Beauty Salons for a relaxing massage from one of our trained Swedish massage Liverpool professionals. Arranging your Swedish Massage Liverpool or No Hands Massage Liverpool at Beauty by Ruth is simple, just call now on 0151 909 6116 or fill in the appointment form on this page.

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