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Secret Of Madonna’s Eyebrows

Secret Of Madonna's EyebrowsMadonna is known as the ‘queen of reinvention’, and she has lived up to that name in terms of her eyebrows alone! She has sported a range of looks over the years from pencil thin strips to bushy caterpillars. The secret of Madonna’s eyebrows is that she has finally settled on the perfect way to make her eyebrows look great: microblading.

During a microblading Liverpool session, a hand tool is used to penetrate through the top layers of skin. It is a form of semi-permanent tattooing – but unlike tattoos, a numbing cream is applied to take the edge of any pain! Around 75 individual hairs are drawn onto each eyebrow. The results last for up to a year – with regular top-up sessions every three or four months. The result is a more natural-looking, symmetrical eyebrow shape which can take up to ten years off your face.

Secret Of Madonna’s Eyebrows – How Microblading Works

  • First, the eyebrows are waxed to give a smooth surface to work from.
  • Next, an anaesthetic cream is applied and left for 20 minutes. This numbs the eyebrow area.
  • A mixture of pigments matching your natural colour is inserted into the hand-held tool.
  • The blades penetrate the skin, injecting the pigment. A brush strokes design is used to mimic natural hairs.
  • Vitamin A and D cream should be applied three times a day for the next two weeks.
  • To prevent infection, try to avoid contact with sweat or water in the treatment area for 72 hours.

Liverpool Microblading at Beauty by Ruth

Microblading originates in Asia, where it is used to treat older women who have thinning eyebrows. It entered the West via Los Angeles two years ago. Salons in New York, London and Liverpool now offer the procedure. It has grown in popularity in the last year and is favoured by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey and Megan Fox.

A custom mix of organic pigments, including charcoal and rose petals, is blended and injected into the skin. Each hair is carefully etched to mirror missing or over-plucked hairs, giving a thicker, more natural-looking shape.

To find out more about microblading, or to book your microblading eyebrows Liverpool treatment simply call Beauty by Ruth beauty salons Liverpool on Maghull 0151 909 6116 today.

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