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Perfect Ombre Brows Now Available From Beauty by Ruth

Perfect Ombre BrowsIn addition to our semi-permanent eyebrow microblading service, we can now tattoo individual hair strokes with a soft ombre washed over effect. This creates the look of natural hair eyebrows with a soft powder backdrop. The defined look has exploded recently. Magazines are full of guides for getting bigger brows and the industry has many products tp add definition, thickness or length to your eyebrows. Thicker brows framing your face, emphasise your eyes and give a more youthful appearance. 

Creating The Perfect Ombre Brows

Eyebrow microblading Liverpool is a semi-permanent technique used to give a natural looking hair stroke with a 3D effect. Th tiny hair strokes match your natural hair growth and allow the tattooed hairs to blend in with your brow. While the eyebrow microblading technique is growing in popularity for both women and men as it gives a natural look resembling strands of real hair, it can lack definition and still needs to be supported by makeup if you want a bolder look. A solution is to combine semi-permanent makeup techniques and have an ombre wash over the top of microblading. 

Ombre eyebrows Liverpool is a new process where we blend in colour that is progressively darkened on top of the microbladed hairs. To make the eyebrow appear bolder, we use a light colour at the top and graduate to a darker colour at the arch. This soft transition defines your eyebrows, and adds realistic depth and colour. Ombre brows are ideal for clients who want a bolder effect than hair strokes alone. 

Perfect Ombre Brows From Beauty by Ruth

This treatment has many applications: it can correct thinning brows and give a more natural eyebrow without the need for Botox. It can improve the appearance of the eyebrow for those with hair loss or patchy eyebrows – including sufferers of alopecia. It can even reduce the appearance of scars. 

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