Lycon Waxing System

The Lycon waxing system is chosen at Beauty by Ruth because it is one of the world’s leading brands of high quality waxes. Using only natural ingredients in their waxing recipe, the Lycon waxing system will perform better than many other waxes.

Lycon Waxing System at Beauty by Ruth

Beauty by Ruth are only interested in providing quality in all their therapies so ‘The Lycon Waxing System’ was a natural choice. This elite brand will remove hair as short as 1mm including the most stubborn ones. The natural aromatic oils within the Lycon Waxing System helps to relax the mind and so eases the process of hair removal across all the Liverpool waxing treatments.

With unbeatable effectiveness and consistency in their products, it is no wonder that the Lycon Waxing System is the preferred choice for many beauty salons just like Beauty by Ruth. Our waxing Liverpool clients have come to expect the superb results they receive from the Lycon Waxing System and would be unhappy with anything of lesser quality and efficiency.

Lycon Waxing System Endorsed by Celebrities

Many well-known celebrities such as Victoria Beckham extol the virtues of the Lycon Waxing System so clients and beauty salon owners alike can be sure of its pedigree. Once you have had any Liverpool waxing treatment using the Lycon Waxing System here at Beauty by Ruth, you will not want to go elsewhere for them to use an inferior product on you.

Make sure you get what you deserve, and that is nothing but the best. Here at Beauty by Ruth, Liverpool Beauty Salon, ensuring customer satisfaction is how we stay at the top of our industry, cutting corners is just not an option.

Contact Beauty by Ruth, Liverpool Beauty Salon today and make sure you ask for your Liverpool waxing treatment with the Lycon Waxing System, our number is 0151 909 6116.

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