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Liverpool Nanoblading Treatments From Beauty by Ruth

Liverpool Nanoblading Treatments From Beauty by Ruth

Here at Beauty by Ruth, we always offer the very latest in beauty treatments to our valued clients. If you. Most of us are now familiar with microblading – the semi-permanent eyebrow technique that gives you fuller, natural-looking brows. However, there is a new rival brow technique that is even more precise – our Liverpool nanoblading treatments are more popular than ever before.

Liverpool Nanoblading Treatments

If you want better-looking brows, then the semi-permanent tattooing technique known as Liverpool microblading or nanoblading Liverpool might be just what you have been looking for. In this week’s blog, we take a look at what nanoblading is, how it is different to microblading, and why it is better than the other techniques you have been using to manage your eyebrows up until now.

How is it different from Liverpool microblading?

Nanoblading Liverpool is the same technique as microblading but using super fine, flexible needles. Both techniques offer fine, natural-looking hair strokes, but nanoblading is more precise and accurate because it uses smaller needles, packed together into an ultra-fine blade. Liverpool Nanoblading Treatments can create a more natural-looking brow because the artist has a smaller tool to work with.

Why is nanoblading better than waxing, threading or tweezing?

Waxing, threading and tweezing can manage and shape your brows, but nanoblading gives you the perfect shape you want and makes them appear far fuller. Years of tweezing can cause hair growth to stop, so if you have over-plucked your eyebrows, nanoblading can be used to fill in any bald areas – without the need for eyeliner to be applied daily.

Beauty by Ruth Liverpool Beauty Salon

If nano blading sounds like it is for you, then the good news is that it is available at your local Maghull beauty salon. Here at Beauty by Ruth, we have experts in nanoblading that can give you the eyebrows you always wanted. Call us today on 0151 909 6119 to book your Liverpool nanoblading treatments or microblading Liverpool treatment today.

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