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Do you know what causes the most damage to natural nails?

Damage To Natural NailsThese are scientific views of the natural nail plate after various product applications. Before you start to have a gel nails treatment or nail art treatment, it is important to know what happens to the nail plates during the preparation and removal process.

With this in mind, when choosing a nail technician from the wide choice of Liverpool Beauty Salons available to you, it is imperative that you ensure the beautician is qualified and experienced in the care of nails. Failure to do this research could have adverse effects on the long-term health of your natural nails.

Avoiding Damage To Natural Nails

Naturally caring for your nails is important, especially when coatings and artificial nail products are applied to them. A combination of poor nail preparation and the removal of artificial nails causes much of the “damage” that some Beauty Salons Liverpool clients commonly complain about. It is not the artificial nail products causing damage as some people would like you to believe. Nail polishes, nail liquids, acetone and such items do not actually eat away the nail plate. Laboratory studies by internationally recognised scientist Doug Shoon have shown that these chemicals have virtually no effect on the natural nail plate. However when nail technicians from various beauty salons were asked how they prepare the natural nails before many services, it was found that unsuitable files or drills being used on their clients were causing most of the damage, or weakness, to the natural nail before the artificial nail coatings or nail products were applied.

In the nail application removal process, the natural nail will often become soft on the outer edges of the nail plate. When scratched or scraped with nail treatment tools such as Orangewood sticks or other nail treatment tools this can cause the cells to be displaced and damaged easily. You can see this in images two, and three above. Believe it or not soaking your hands or feet in water can soften the cells on the outer parts of the natural nail making them temporarily vulnerable to scraping and scratching which can lead to natural nail damage.

Professional Care For Your Natural Nails

By choosing Beauty by Ruth Maghull Beauty Salon to take professional care of your nails, you can be rest assured that our gel nails Liverpool treatment and nail art Liverpool treatment will not lead to damage to natural nails. Why not give Beauty by Ruth a call on 0151 909 6116 and book your Nails Liverpool treatment today or out of our normal opening hours just fill in the online booking form.

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