SiennaX Spray Tanning Solution

Ever wondered how fake tan works? Your skin is compiled of two primary layers: the epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is the outer layer, and it is here where self-tanning takes place. The main additive in fake tan is DHA, which contains sugar. The sugar in DHA reacts with the amino acids on your skin combined with oxygen found in the air. It is this chemical reaction that turns our skin brown though formulas that need to be left on for 8 hours to develop fully. The reaction is similar to when you take a bite out of an apple and leave it exposed in the air for a few hours; it starts to turn brown. Sunless tanning works in a similar way on the skin. Because the beauty treatment only occurs on the top layer of skin, the spray tan then fades after 5 – 7 days in keeping with the skins normal shedding cycle.

Why Choose Sienna X Spray Tanning

Sienna X offers a broad range of tanning solutions and equipment along with accredited spray tan training for beauty therapists. The award winning range has achieved many accolades and prestigious awards and is a favourite amongst both celebrities and beauty experts.

As a SiennaX spray tanning trained, specialist Beauty by Ruth is proud to be associated with an award winning company that puts customers needs first. With an abundance of sunless tanning products available on the market from numerous salons, it can be difficult to know which Liverpool Beauty Salon to use for the most flawless tan. This is why it’s imperative to ensure the person applying the spray tan is qualified to do so.

Beach Ready With A SiennaX Spray Tanning Solution

Exposing your pale skin after months of hiding it under jumpers and tights can be a scary thought for many Beauty by Ruth, Liverpool Beauty Salon clients. Therefore, many may opt for a professional spray tan Liverpool to get that sun-kissed look before they hit the beach. A spray tan is also perfect for our Liverpool clients who are conscious of their skin health and prefer not to sunbathe while on holiday. Book a Sienna X Spray Tan Liverpool beauty treatment now by filling in the online booking form or calling Ruth on 0151 909 6116.

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