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Pain Free Cryopen Cryotherapy Treatments

Cryopen Cryotherapy TreatmentsSince the early seventeenth century, cold has been used to freeze cells and prevent them from reproducing. This is known as cryotherapy and you can now have Cryopen Cryotherapy Treatments right here in Liverpool from Beauty by Ruth. It is a safe and pain free way of removing imperfections in the skin without the risks associated with surgery.

Pain Free Cryopen Cryotherapy Treatments

Cryopen Cryotherapy TreatmentsYou can now have advanced Cryopen Cryotherapy at Beauty by Ruth Beauty Salons Liverpool. Using a fine jet of Nitrous Oxide our fully trained, expert technicians can safely and precisely remove warts, skin tags and age spots. Within seconds of the treatment being applied, the area is frozen and the skin cells are broken down. It is so precise that only that area will be affected and, almost as quickly, the are thaws and the process can be repeated. This simple, safe and clinically proven process can improve the appearance of your skin safely and quickly – you will be amazed at the results.

In a single session, a series of skin tags can be targetted all around the body as the treatment is non-invasive and almost entirely pain free – you’ll just feel a small momentary tingle like a nettle sting which only lasts a short time.

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Cryotherapy TreatmentsWe all instinctively know that a cold compress can relieve swollen muscles, and the Cryopen Cryotherapy treatment is simply a more technologically advanced version of the same process – except much more precise and localised. 

Contacting Beauty by Ruth Maghull on 0151 909 6116 to arrange a Liverpool Cryotherapy session is simple: give us a call now with any questions you may have about our skin treatments Liverpool packages including our skin peel Liverpool treatment. 




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