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Make Microblading Your No1 New Years Resolution

Make Microblading Your No1 New Years ResolutionWe can all end up feeling bad in January, which all too often ends up as a month of broken promises. Perhaps you started the month with a new years resolution to exercise more often, or just to take more time to yourself to relax, it is not uncommon for these plans to unravel before January is over! Don’t fret, though, because there is always the opportunity to make 2017 different and Beauty By Ruth want to help you look and feel your best for this New Year. We are seeing in the New Year with a discount of £26 off Microblading, making the price of this beauty treatment an unbelievable £199. 

Eyebrow Microblading Liverpool – New Years Resolution

Microblading Eyebrows Liverpool originally comes from Asia and is also sometimes known as eyebrow embroidery. It is a fantastic treatment that can enhance the appearance of the eyebrows through semi-permanent tattooing with realistic hair-like strokes. With the Liverpool eyebrow microblading treatment, we can create almost any look you desire, from a natural light eyebrow finish to a beautifully bold brow. Microblading can restore sparse or missing eyebrows. When using the handheld microblade tool, the colour pigment is placed closer to the surface than when a machine is used which leaves fine and crisp hair strokes.

Microblading Lips – New Years Resolution

Microblading Lips Liverpool is a semi-permanent lip liner that improves the appearance of lips. It helps your lips appear more defined without resorting to surgery and restores colour. Semi-permanent lip liner eliminates the need for daily use of lip liner pencils and decreases the need to reapply lipstick or lip gloss throughout the day. Lip micro blading can also be used to enhance the natural colour and shape of already “perfect” lips.

Do not miss out on this fantastic New Year Offer! To arrange your Microblading Liverpool Treatment session just call Ruth at Beauty by Ruth, Beauty Salons Liverpool on 0151 909 6116 and quote “£199 Micro Blading Liverpool January Offer.”

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