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Lipocontrast And How It Works

Lipocontrast And How It WorksThe LipoContrast treatment from Beauty by Ruth’s brand new Cryo Liverpool Clinic uses revolutionary technology to target localised fat cells during a non-invasive and non-surgical thermal contrast lipolysis procedure.

Liverpool LipoContrast

The fatty tissue being treated is positioned into a transducer and subjected to a three-stage thermal shock. Each client being treated is given a unique session according to the area being treated with precise time, speed, temperature and energy to match the requirements. Fat cells are mostly comprised of saturated fatty acid-rich body cells and as a consequence, they are particularly sensitive to hot and cold exposure. This feature of the Lipocontrast treatment from Cryo Liverpool results in the reduction and elimination of fatty cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissues.

Liverpool LipoContrast Treatment

The number of Beauty by Ruth Liverpool cryotherapy sessions needed by each of our clients differs depending on how much fat there is in the area of the body at the time of consultation. The ideal customers for Liverpool cryotherapy treatments is those who want to reduce localised fatty cells concentrated in a particular area of the body such as the chin, arms, abdomen, lower back, flanks and buttocks.

The Lipo Contrast Liverpool system is ideal for selective and controlled thermal contrast lipolysis results in a natural and stable reduction of fatty tissue. The treatment avoids the traumatic experience of invasive surgical methods, such as clinical liposuction and preventing the risk of damage of tissues surrounding fat cells which can occur with radio frequencies, localised ultrasounds or lasers. LipoContrast is approximately 40% more effective than other treatments and with evident faster results than first generation cryo lipolysis treatment systems which only have a one stage cooling procedure.

Body Contouring Liverpool from Beauty by Ruth beauty salons Liverpool is more effective and faster than many other non-invasive fat reduction techniques and has none of the risks associated with clinical liposuction surgery. For most clients, between one and three sixty minute sessions in total are all that is needed- with these treatments taking approximately four weeks apart from each other. Call Beauty by Ruth Cryotherapy Liverpool specialist Cryo Liverpool for more info on Liverpool body contouring or any of our other Liverpool cryotherapy treatments on 0151 909 6299.

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