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How To Get The Right Brows For You

How To Get The Right Brows For YouBrows are becoming a major talking point and girls are often left wondering how to get the right brows. Just last year, NPD – a market research company – produced a report showing that the sector is now worth an astounding £20 million. Since 2011, it has trebled in size thanks to celebrities like Cara Delevigne and Emma Watson sporting thick, bold brows that have not been so fashionable since Brooke Shields sported them in the 1990s.

With this increased attention, eyebrow products have come on in leaps and bounds, and there is an almost endless choice of treatments to thicken, fill and shape brows. Less is more when it comes to applying these products, and there is no end of horror stories from ladies who have attempted to work on their eyebrows themselves instead of choosing a Liverpool beauty salon. Here is the lowdown on how Beauty by Ruth can create the perfect look for your eyebrows:

Get The Right Brows – The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Microblading LiverpoolThere is no perfect eyebrow shape. It all depends on your face. Some women naturally have arched brows, and some have a straighter shape. When a Liverpool beauty salon threads or waxes your brows you can be sure they will work with your bone structure and look more natural.

Get The Right Brows – The Right Eyebrow Colour

Dark brows are becoming very popular. They make a bold statement but can look harsh against some skin tones. A professional Liverpool beautician will choose a colour that is sympathetic with your natural eyebrow colour, and not just the hair on your head. This is because many of us dye our hair, but we are not used to seeing dyed eyebrows!

Get The Right Brows – Liverpool Eyebrow Treatments

As you can see, finding the perfect shape and colour for your eyebrows is not so simple. If you would like an eyebrow waxing Liverpool session, or if you want to try eyebrow microblading Liverpool then arrange an appointment at our Liverpool Beauty Salons. Call Beauty by Ruth on 0151 909 6116.

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