High Impact Brows Liverpool

The High Impact Brows you have always wanted are now attainable here at Beauty by Ruth.
Sculpted and shaped to perfection, by the time we have finished with you, you won’t even recognise yourself. Our beauticians use a number of processes to ensure that desirable, symmetrical look that is very hard to achieve yourself.

Model Like High Impact Brows Liverpool

Catwalk models or faces on a beauty magazine all have high impact brows, you too can have this same look all day, every day, from Beauty by Ruth Liverpool. How do we perform this miracle I hear you say, well there are several processes that we take you through.

A highly trained beauty technician will first take a look at your face and assess the contours and natural colouring of your features. They will consider every aspect and characteristic they see so that they can produce a look that will best suit you.

Tinting the area first is essential as there will be very fine almost imperceptible hairs, the whole area is now uniform in colour which will make a much better impact when the job is finished.

To start defining the shape of your Liverpool high impact brows your therapist will expertly wax you eyebrows, you will now start to see some definition but we are not finished yet. Pure cotton is used to delicately thread your eyebrows ensuring that perfect shape. We will then look for any stragglers that could change the whole look, these are tweezed out. We have now to determine the length of your brow also, so there is a little trimming that has to be done.

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People will look twice because the results of all this attention and aftercare in producing your eyelashes Liverpool high impact brows make them look absolutely fantastic.

Call Beauty By Ruth Liverpool Beauty Salon now on 0151 909 6116 or book online using the form on this page and set up your high impact brow Liverpool treatment. During your visit you could try our other beauty treatments such as Gel Nails Liverpool or even a Crystal Clear Facial Liverpool. We look forward to seeing you.

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