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Henna tattooing has been around since Ancient Egyptian times, and it has been used over the years to dye everything from hair, to materials and skin. Henna tattoos are now becoming a major talking point in relation to beauty and more specifically, brows.  It’s more than simply a temporary brow tattoo, as it results in a natural, fuller brow. If you have not yet seen how good a henna brow looks, then call into our Liverpool Beauty Salon and see it for yourself!

What is Henna Tattooing?

Henna tattooing is a type of temporary body decoration which is similar in appearance to a normal tattoo, although the colour of henna tends to be between red, orange, brown or burgundy. Henna temporary tattoos have become really popular in recent years, as they are quick, easy, painless, and affordable. Henna tattooing, once done, can last between 12 days and two months. Henna tattooing is a popular alternative to other types of temporary tattoo as it does not involve any skin penetration.

Henna Brows Liverpool

Even after washing off the added product, it looks just like a traditional eyebrow tint, but better. It tints both your skin and your hair, so you have more shape and definition. There is no “colour shock”, and the materials we use are free from peroxide, ammonia and lead – so it’s a great alternative if you usually suffer from sensitive skin or irritation. Henna will cover all hair colours including grey. Henna brows can last up to 3 times longer than a normal tint, and a great range of colours and tones are available for a tailor-made solution.

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