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Foot Health Treatments Offer

Foot Health Treatments Offer

This month we have the usual array of special offers at our Beauty Salon in Liverpool. Here is another: Until the end of May our foot health treatments are normally £20 but this month they are just £18 – with a Shellac toe polish treatment thrown in for free! Call us today on 0151 909 6116 to take advantage of our foot health treatments offer now…

Foot Health Treatments Offer with free Shellac Toenails

Your feet are used almost all the time you are awake, every day: just think of all the daily activities that put stress on them! You stand or walk around on them, often for hours at a time. Even exercise, like running, puts them under a lot of pressure –and we all wedge them into high-heels on a Saturday night! Your feet need a break every now and then, whether it’s a massage, a pedicure or a full foot beauty treatment from a Liverpool Beauty Salon. So, whether you need a toenail trim, a corn removing, or ingrown nails to be sorted out, give us a call!

What is a foot health beauty treatment?

This month we are also throwing in a free Shellac Toenails treatment when you book a foot health treatments offer appointment. Shellac is a kind of gel nail polish that is hard-wearing and attractive. It can last up to 14 days without chipping or cracking, so it will keep your feet looking great for far longer than you will get at home using regular toenail polish. It looks particularly good on a pair of pampered and pedicured feet so book today!

Beauty by Ruth Liverpool Beauty Salon

Healthy feet are vital for a healthy body, so book your foot health treatments offer appointment today. We are professionally trained and qualified to provide foot health beauty treatments here at Beauty by Ruth. Our foot health treatment Liverpool is normally £20 but until the end of May they are just £18 – with a Shellac toe polish treatment thrown in for free! Call us on 0151 909 6116 and book your appointment at our Liverpool Beauty Salon today.

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