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Fat Reduction Liverpool Treatments

Fat Reduction Liverpool TreatmentsJust two of the tools Cryo Liverpool can use for fat reduction Liverpool treatments are Cryo Lipolysis and Laser Lipolysis. Lipolysis is the scientific term for removing deposits of fat – it comes from the same word as liposuction, which is surgical procedure that removes fat from the body. Our processes are non-invasive and do not have the same risks as surgery.

Cryo Liverpool has access to the very latest cutting-edge procedures which use high-tech laser and cryolysis equipment to achieve a similar effect to liposuction but at a much lower cost – and without having to visit the hospital. Most of hour treatments take less than 60 minutes, have few side effects and almost no recovery time is needed afterwards.

Cryo Liverpool – Fat Reduction Liverpool Treatments

Contrast Lipolysis is a non-surgical approach to fat reduction that uses the very latest in cryothermal technology. This is a process that rapidly heats, cools and then reheats the fat cells in a fraction of a second. The ‘triple thermal shock’ cycle has been medically tested and proven to be even more effective than the other treatments involving heat and cold at cutting down fat. The fat cells are turned into a liquid and absorbed naturally by the body.

Laser Lipo Liverpool is another new alternative to surgical treatments like liposuction. It uses advanced lasers to heat up areas of the body that have fatty deposits. This stimulates the body’s own processes to convert up to 33% of fat cells into liquid. These liquefied cells are then simply absorbed by the body system and expelled along with other waste products by the lymphatic system.

Fat Reduction Liverpool Treatments Specialist

To find out more about out fat reduction Liverpool cryotherapy treatments or to book an appointment for fat reduction Liverpool consultation with one of our beauty salons Liverpool trained technicians, call Beauty by Ruth Cryo Liverpool Clinic today on 0151 909 6299.

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