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Easter 2017 Offer – Easter Egg-Shellac!

Easter 2017 Offer - Easter Egg-Shellac!Another egg-cellent deal from Beauty by Ruth: Introducing our Easter 2017 Offer – Easter Egg-Shellac! 

Shellac fingers and toes for the price of £20. Give both fingers and feet an Easter treat with this delectable deal.

Easter Egg-Shellac! – Shellac Nails Liverpool

For a superset of nails simply select a set of Shellac Nails Liverpool. The manicure industry are going wild over this durable nail treatment. Liverpool Shellac nails – sometimes referred to as a “gel manicure” – is a hard wearing polish. It can last up to two full weeks without chipping, breaking or re-coating. If this sounds like a dream come true, read on!

What is a Shellac Nails Liverpool Manicure?

Shellac is a nail polish cured by ultraviolet (UV) light. It comes in a dazzling array of colours, and many think it looks even better than traditional acrylic nails. Shellac manicures have become much more popular recently, as shellac has a glossy look and stays fresher for longer.

Why Choose Liverpool Shellac Nails?

Shellac is a special mix of gel and nail polish. Unlike acrylic nails, we are not able to use shellac nails to extend the length of the nails, but it does strengthen them. Shellac is not as damaging to nails as Gel nails Liverpool or Acrylic nails Liverpool. The main benefit from Shellac Nails Liverpool is reduced chipping.

Gel Manicure Liverpool

Some people confuse Gel and Shellac. Shellac does contain a gel, so is often called “gel manicure”. Here at Beauty by Ruth Liverpool Beauty Salon we do it all: our technicians can give you stunning shellac, glittering gel or astounding acrylic nails!

Beauty by Ruth Shellac Nails Liverpool

Give your fingers and feet a treat and come along to Beauty by Ruth Liverpool. You can get a Liverpool Shellac fingers and toes treatment for the Easter Egg-Shellac price of just £20. Fill in our Shellac nails Liverpool booking form or call us at Beauty by Ruth Beauty Salons Liverpool on 0151 909 6116.

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