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Does Microblading Prevent Hair Growth?

Does Microblading Prevent Hair Growth?Eyebrows are the facial feature that has really come into their own recently. The social media sites are packed full of images of bold, beautiful brows. There is no end of tips on how to best achieve the look. Microblading Liverpool treatment is probably the most popular grooming technique that shapes eyebrows and brings them under control. Does microblading prevent hair growth though? Some people don’t want to take the risks of microblading in case the hair never grows back!

With all the talk of “blades”, microblading might sound like it is a hair removal technique, but it is actually used to make brows look fuller. It is a form of tattooing, whereby semi-permanent makeup is etched onto the face in hundreds of tiny strokes. The end result closely mimics the look of natural hair and does not look like your eyebrows have been stencilled on!

Why is Microblading so Popular?

The reason microblading eyebrows Liverpool has caught on so much in recent years is that people with naturally sparse hair growth can have trouble creating the modern, thick eyebrow look by using gel or powders alone. These substances tend to melt off the face during wear and always look unnatural. Because it is etched under the top layer of your skin, microblading will cope with any activity. You literally wake up with perfect brows every day!

Does Microblading Prevent Hair Growth?

It’s understandable that some are worried about the idea of microblading – It is a tattoo – on your face – after all! But the good news is that microblading has not been found to affect hair growth in any way whatsoever. According to the Hair Transplant Institute in Miami, microblading neither prevents nor encourages future hair loss in the area.

If you still have concerns, don’t hesitate to ask Ruth at Beauty by Ruth Liverpool beauty salons for advice on 0151 909 6116. Those with alopecia are always recommended to check with a professional before undergoing microblading.

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