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Cellulite Reduction Offer From Beauty by Ruth

Cellulite Reduction Offer From Beauty by RuthJune is the time of year when we all start to think about getting our bikini body ready for our summer holidays. Celebrate the start of the sunny season this month with our special June Cellulite Reduction Offer: 10 cellulite reduction treatments for just £150 saving £250!

10 Cellulite Reduction treatments for £150

This month, we are offering a discount of £250 off the price of a course of 10 Liverpool cellulite reduction treatment sessions. Your ten treatments will only cost £150! What better excuse to get your body toned up and ready summer? Our cellulite reduction treatment is safe, non-surgical, and most clients begin to see results after their first session. After a course of 10 treatments who knows how good you are going to look!

Cellulite Reduction Offer Liverpool

Cellulite is one of the trickiest types of fatty tissue to remove effectively. Even risky and expensive liposuction surgery can leave people disappointed. Cellulite Reduction Liverpool is a treatment that can help to remove stubborn deposits of cellulite, contour the surrounding areas and tighten the surrounding skin. It does not involve any needles, and you do not need to go under anaesthetic.

Our therapists use a technique called cryotherapy for Liverpool cellulite reduction. Everyone knows that a cold compress can help to relieve swollen or tired muscles. Cryotherapy is simply a more technologically advanced form of that process. The benefits of Cryotherapy Liverpool are astonishing and have been clinically proven. We simply apply cold to the area with a special tool, and as many as a third of the fat cells in that part of the body are affected. They will shed their water reserves and turn to liquid before being expelled naturally by the body’s lymphatic system.

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This price cannot last for long, so get in quick! Call Beauty by Ruth, beauty salons Liverpool today on 0151 909 6116 to book your Liverpool cellulite reduction treatment sessions.

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