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Make A Bikini Body Your New Years Resolution

Make A Bikini Body Your New Years ResolutionIt’s that time again when you start to think about New Year Resolutions and maybe with the cold weather your thoughts are no doubt turning to a winter holiday. If you have already booked a winter break it may be too late for a diet especially after overindulging during Christmas.  You need not worry as here at Beauty by Ruth’s revolutionary Cryotherapy Clinic we have some tricks and cheats that can help you attain a bikini body in just six weeks – by making the most of what you have got and working with your body’s natural systems.

Melt Away Fat For A Bikini Body In Six Weeks

A series of Liverpool Cryotherapy treatments from Beauty by Ruth are available to our valued clientele which uses the power of heat and cold to literally melt away some of the fat cells in your tummy. The fat cells are stimulated, and in doing so they are encouraged to release the water contained within them, and the body then naturally drains it away. Suction is applied to tighten the skin, and after six or so sessions the results are astounding. There is no surgery, and it is completely pain-free.

Zap Away Imperfections

Age spots, areas of discolouration, stretch marks and scarring can all take away your confidence, but the good news is that there is something you can do. There are techniques that do not involve surgery which can dramatically reduce the appearance of blemishes on the skin by using hot or cold guns to literally zap away imperfections. A treatment can often be done in less than a minute, and the skin’s natural shedding process will melt away the discoloured skin.

Tighten up sagging areas

Where skin has begun to sag over time, it is possible to use a non-invasive technique to boost collagen levels which acts to puff up the area beneath the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines – recovering some of the tautness that is naturally lost as we get older. This can be done through radio frequency, lasers or a cool lift gun and the effects can be seen almost immediately.

So if you are considering losing weight as your New Years Resolution why don’t you speak with Beauty by Ruth beauty salons Liverpool about our bikini body in six weeks challenge. Call Cryo Liverpool now for more information about our fat reduction Liverpool treatments or to find out more on our lipo contrast Liverpool treatments on 0151 909 6299.

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